Minsk 2011

The world we live in is wonderful. It attracts us by harmony Of different colours and voices. "The sun, descending to its Marriage parlor sounds as solemn praise. Starry rays are Clashing in universe spaces. They ring as breaking November Ice .Silence of ancient temple is penetrated by service cantos. Everything sounds and prays about responding sound",- wrote A Russian philosopher Pavel Florensky. Sounds, born by being Are split in one the most classical of all works. There is Something secret in it, something deeply hidden from an ordinary human's eye or ear. This something is felt by human's Heart, feelings and soul and then it is perceived by confession As a basis for whole alive existence.

All people see and hear the world in their own way. But only A few of them have a gift to hear it by soul and heart. Moreover, This ability is being lost as the society is becoming more and more technically developed. A modern man, dealing with mechanisms and machines, with a world of artificial essences has begun to look like inanimate creature. And that's why creative works of his soul, especially painting, poetry, music demonstrate dead material relations instead of discovering secret, vital and viable sense of Life. Not all rhyming words can be called poetry, not any touch of a brush demonstrate talent of a painter.

Alexander Alpeev can be called an author, who create Animated spiritual music of a word. His poems - are small fragments, which are carefully taken from the universe. In Alpeev's poetry echo of being is heard. His poems are born they are nor artificially created from a speaking universe. That's why they touch a reader's feelings, revive his emotions And sufferings. Alpeev's creative work is not a super- Structure of life, on the contrarily it deepens and widens Secret feeling of life's magic depth and contradiction harmony. Besides an author's gift is revealed because in his works secret Of the world and human spirit is revealed. In his works you can hear a powerful sound of love as inner essence of historical Past and present of people, their mood, sufferings, grieves hopes and dreams.

Peculiarity of Alpeev's poetry lies in the fact that he doesn't write smooth "ironed " poems. Sometimes they look like incomplete, rough copies. However, it is surface side of his Creative work. Inner main point of his poetry can be related To a deep, strong and analyzed thought. That's why Alpeev's Poetry can be called inspired reasoning. The poems are characterized by poetry of thought, unaccomplished rhymes Unusual figurative language, by brightness , sudden clashes Of images and notions, combination of most high and low words. Excessive splendor, diversity of colours, his ability To speak passionately and flowery is a surprise to his reader.

Alpeev tries to make every word important and strange, thus to strike reader's imagination, to develop his thought, to make Him think, on the one hand, about eternal problems of existence, on the other hand, about daily routine. In Alpeev's poetry there are a lot of successful lines, comparisons and images. "Waves, dancing in a blue space. Waves to which a storm is waving with an oar," a wind, which Started undressing" and many others touch a heart by love. These images make a soul tremble.

His poems "Destined to love", A prayer to a woman"", "This Wonderful world of love" is a poetical reflection of the world of human's sufferings and feelings. Joy and happiness, sadness and sorrow, born by love, freedom and captivity of a man, seized by this feeling are described in his poems. A world of love is complete but contradictory image. A sound of love is prophecy, coming from silence of a night sky, from smoothness of water of the lake, from rustle of leaves on the trees, from the smell of grasses and flowers… Music of Love is born by Love itself, a Loud Sound is echoed by quiet sounding of a human's soul. Especially penetrating and deep a theme of Love of Love is embodied in a poem a feeling of love to his old mother is expressed in the poem. Sorrow, sadness and hope painfully come from the son's soul. There's nothing more elevated and tragic than this love. Endless eternal connection of two relatives, mystery of their mutual attraction is heard in this poem.

A Mother and Motherland are interconnected realities. Love is their connecting origin. A poem "I am coming home" reflects feelings, typical to a solemn event - a meeting with a little corner of the world, where a man was born. In his Poetry Alpeev devote odes to a forest, to a field, to cold water, to a mother's house. They flow together and raise conscience over everyday Existence and a soul is filled by embracing love. Everything is penetrated by Contact and a spirit of love, changing this definite corner of the world into a sacred place. A sea of sorrow and sadness is filling up a poem "A new age". Rows of losses of our century are marching in this poem. Especially a loss of humane in a man is emphasized. Actually, while reading these lines nerves become as naked as a string. But simultaneously a theme of salvation is heard. The essence of this salvation lies in the man himself, first and foremost because he is responsible for the life on this planet. Entering XX1 century people should not only remember this simple truth, but emotionally go through it.

"A man has become a real disaster to the Earth". Up to Alpeev's opinion only Love can give back a true essence to a man. Love is a great divine gift. Alpeev's creative work is penetrated by a theme of Love, divine source of the Universe . And it is not accidentally that his poems sound like prayers. Some prayers are addressed to God ("God, don't leave us alone"), the other to people ("Ask God for help", "Have God in you soul"), to the land ("Make friends with a land ", "Love God, take care of children, grow grain") to a woman etc. Poems of Alpeev stay at heart and feel the soul with new feelings of being and greatness of life, they arise trembling feeling of participation and love, deep responsibility for everything in all dimensions. Love to a native land, to his mother, to people sounds passionately and sensually in Alpeev's poetry. Willy-nilly wonderful inner sufferings are taking place in the soul: a small village Rudnya is transformed into an image of a planet, his mum is reincarnated into all mothers; love becomes divine; responsibility is felt as an embracing one.

Alexander Alpeev's creative work is undoubtedly manifestation of his unique gift. I'd like to express deepest gratitude for what has been done and hope that his future will be accompanied by new works, that will give birth to kind, high thoughts, devoted to God and where tremble of a human's soul will flow together with harmony of the Universe.



Don't bury love, it isn't dead yet.

This job is sinful.
Love with all your might.
Don't pity yourself,
Love is greatest delight.

Don't control love
It is a trembling deer
It will blow out and light again.
Keep it safe; your happiness is near.

I want to climb a mountain of love and joy.
We shall do it together
Because, as I have told,
Love is God's envoy.

Prophetic dream comes from the sky.
It happens once in a life time.
It's a God's message, it's a rare thing
Save this lovely ring.


God's mother, who gave birth to the Savior
Teach us , we are not smart.
We want you to melt our heart.

My Lord! Don't leave us on our own
We are nothing without you
We are as cold as a stone.

Life goes away
The brook of life rushes
To have its way.
The number of friends
Is getting less.
But what has been
You will remember as the best.

There's much deception and lie.
Only with God
You can save your heart
And pass it by.

The best friend can betray
You can't alone trot your way.
Your mum will do her best
Your native land is your dearest nest.

Let us serve to our folk
Even if it will think it is a talk.
At any case
Freedom will us both embrace.

You can't embrace all the world.
It is a useless wish.
Better mow the meadow
Gather the crops
Or catch some fish.

Common truth:
Love God,
Grow cereals
And take care of youth.

Life is a mere moment
Don't lose it.
Send prayers to God.
Have you got?

Touch eternity with your soul
All is in God's will.
Send away disaster
Only with God
You will happiness feel.

Earthy life is severe
But your hope is near.
Believe in your star
Your happiness is not so far.

Work from morning till night.
God will bless your strive.
Never blame anyone in that
And your exploit will never people forget.

Believe in fire
It is forever
Pray to it
And God will never leave you, indeed.

Water is from God.
It is a present to us all.
Enjoy it.
It is God's call.

Love is a moment of purification
It discovers world of wonder.
Giving birth to beneficial feast.
God! Prolong this happiness' please.

Don't betray saint belief.
It was sent by God.
Turn your glance to the sky.
Never say to the heavens "Good bye".

For the planet a man has become a real disaster
In spite of common sense.
Moans and cries the land.
Very fast is approaching our planet's end.

We live in a faithless ocean.
Behind us the doors have already been shut.
In our heart there's no saint belief
All our actions are not smart.

Our destiny have been predicted
Don't lie to yourself .
Nor prayers, nor requests
Will give us desired rest

Don't sow seeds of hatred
They won't grow.
You will have no mercy as well.
Don't do so.

Leave alone your sorrow
Don't regret about the years that passed.
Expect that one day ,perhaps, to-morrow,
The better days will last.

We are not old to live this world,
Though my temples are silver.
Not all wounds were cured
Not all troubles were endured.

Life is faster than troika.
It rushes up to the hills.
But near Victory arch
Funeral wineglasses are waiting still.

Friends don't haste
To hide me very deep.
My life will be long
I haven't done all I had to.
I haven't sung my last song.

My star
My angel
Don't send me away.
Save me
Up to the Judgment Day.

Past won't return.
Only God knows how I'd like
To find myself in my childhood again.

I need a friend
I don't want to be alone.
I need a friend
To share a meal, to make my heart feel.
Life was sent by God.
Its sense is deep.
Wait! Your time will come
All difficulties you will overcome.

Don't think that people are bad.
Even a hint at it makes me sad.

There is glistening a dawn,
Forerunner of a coming day.
The land will send its smiles all around
And life will take another round.

Who said that I am alone?
God is in my soul.
He is my master on land, in the sea and in the sky.
He will never tell to me: "Good bye".

Every moment is completely yours.
Don't lose it take your time.
Save your friends from a knife
And sing an ode to life.

Devine light of love
Shouldn't be expected from the sky.
You have it inside.
Keep it as an apple of your eye.

Only when you live on
Your blue dreams come true.
If you are no more
It is useless to discuss this issue.

Wake up, a lovely moment.
Don't leave me, stay a while.
You, my unearth singing
Will help me to go by.

Life! Teach me to cope with solitude.
If you have some pills for unhealing wounds.
Savior! Help me to stand on my feet
And I will feel good.

Devine light is in my soul.
The same light is in God's room.
Keep it safe
It will make your life bloom.

We all get lost.
We can't find our way to God.
It happened because
All good things we forgot.

Only a few can climb a mountain of glory
The others won't cope with it.
The will say it is a long story.

A song of soul is a song of God
Your road will be happy,
If you sing a song to Lord.

The world has been plunged in lie.
Don't follow this example.
We live only once.
With dignity have your chance.

If you believe in God
You are not alone.
A coming day will bring you hope.

A moment of happiness comes only once.
All the rest is bustling buss.
We want to see the light of God.
This thought comes often to us.

I want to come back to barefooted land,
Where I wasn't aware of sorrow and lie.
In my declining years I can't forget it.
Really, I don't know why.

Honour and nobility were left in the past days.
Don't search them, all in vain.
A man has become mean and wretched.
Another traits are ruling today.

A river of life has become dry.
The banks overhang.
The noise of the brook
Is slightly heard.
Let's drink for life.
It isn't so sad.

All will pass, all is sad.
The dawn won't raise.
Who will remember me and say a good word.

Greatness of spirit is above all fuss.
From the sky we are sent a piece of advice.
"Don't enjoy sinful pleasure.
Eat and drink with measure".

The power of God's love is great.
We are given this love only once.
It is the most important thing I must say.
All the rest doesn't pay.

Don't call a woman insidious.
You are her product.
It is your fate, it is good
To eat Adam's fruit.

The Earth is tender
Firm is the sky.
It gives you its utmost
When you for this saint fortress die.

Stop drinking wine
You ruin your soul.
Give up this habit.
Do as you've been told.

When you see a man, who is as black as a storm-cloud
Carefully look around.
Know! He ruins people's souls.
He is deaf to anyone's calls.

The world is fragile.
One moment and you are no more.
With all your dreams
You had before.

Don't betray you friends.
Their motto is honour and trust
If you betrayed them
You will be punished very fast.

A man is a tender plant
Take care of him
And thus one day
All people will be having eternal May.

Our Savior sent us his light.
Nothing is better. I'd say.
Catch your ray.
Be happy with all your might.

There is no evil in my heart.
My soul is light from the very start.

Don't expect any revenge.
Poisoned rains won't do me any harm.
I will see divine light again.
And it will make me calm.

Don't drink a lot.
Turn over your glass.
And you will live a hundred years
And will be happy under the stars.

What for is such freedom to us?
We have lived without it.
What for is this fuss?

I am standing close by soldiers' graves.
Remembering those who were killed
Near Fermopil.
I drink for those, who here lied.
For freedom they died.
There were only three hundred of them.
Their names mankind will never forget.
Their temples were not grey.
Their lips repeated:
"Sparta, ahead!"

I was born in the land
Full of miracles and wonders.
My native place
Is guided by God and His grace.

Dear native river, you are quiet.
My heart is longing for you
I feel like a child.
Only after drinking your water it will get mild.

I can't forget the years I was young.
Only then I had a real fun.
Every day I see them again.

In the dreams of my heart
I see a spring.
Saint water, give me strength.
I don't want you and me to be apart.

I see a truthful dream.
It tells me that all are alive.
That they are young and strong.
I want this dream to go on and on.

I am walking along
Life's paths full of thorn.
One day I gallop, the other I creep.
Could you do the same when the gaps are deep?
Don't copy anyone
It is a useless affair.
Live your own life
I wish it were your only care.

I don't feel hurt.
I follow His word.
I don't lie
It is my "high".

To a traitor no excuse.
Only his mother can be confused.
The other people see in him no use.

Beg God to excuse your earthy sins.
He will hear your entreat
And gladly he will it greet.

God gave us many good days.
Don't oppose against Him.
Pray from morning till night.
It will make your life shine bright.

Autumn is golden and magic
It is as short as woman's tenderness.
Nevertheless, both are remembered
In spite of the soul is in a mess.

Mother's tender caress.
Could it be forgotten?
It is endless fairy tale.
When I remember it
I turn pale.

I was born in a year of a dog,
But I don't bark at people

You try to do the same
And in your soul flowers will bloom
As they do in May.

A dog is embodiment of faith.
He will replace untruthful friends.
We shall be together
We are not afraid of bad weather.

Life is a difficult road.
It is from God as I have told.
Let it bring you glory,
Let it be a long story.

Don't do good
And you will be given no evil.
What I was doing - was good.
I did my best as much as I could.

Who will be so brave
To say that he knows life?
When such a day comes
You will understand
How wrong is your stance.

I spoke a lot about ladies' betrayal
But when love again comes
We begin to sing the same romance.

My soul sings
Happiness rings
Our hearts fly
Love won't die.

Cure my soul.
I can't demand any more.
When I am better
My friends will help me
To reach my target.
Sooner or later.

You are my rude mistake
In you I completely believed.
Tried to open the door, going my utmost.
But they were firmly closed.

Like a surprise
A dawn has risen as a forerunner of paradise.
I would say
It will enlighten my life
Till the Judgment Day.

God's will called to love our friends.
But who is a friend?
No one could have told.
You should be wise
To know where a border between a friend and an enemy lies.

Blessed is the one, who gave life to a daughter.
A son is not bad at all.
But faces of sons are the same.
And a face of a beauty is dear to all.

Don't profane your land.
It is your breadwinner, do you understand?

I don't rest on laurels.
It is no my side.
I compose poems.
Here is my pride.

Full of thorns is the road to heavens.
Not everyone can overpower it.
I will take my way.
I will go until I fail.

Nobody knows when Judgment Gay comes.
It will be the beginning and the end.
Lord! Unearth our sinful seeds.
We were not aware of our disgusting deeds.

I can't endure a lot.
No one can do the same.
Better to sing songs
Putting my trust on God.

There's nothing tastier than bread.
It is the best thing I have head.
Bread was born by Earth/
When you say good bye
Take it with you to the sky.

Be grateful to Him.
Your burden is heavy
But not so great
As His,
When He His death had to wait.

You will find your happiness in work.
It is only due to our Lord.
Send prayers to Him.
Allis being done with His accord.

As you have made your bed,
So you must lie on it.
It's common knowledge .
Who can give a helping hand?
No one. Even a friend.

Don't expect mercy.
Answer the challenge of life.
Your enemies will be glad.
But soon they will be told,
That their fireplace is also cold.

Don't complain that
Your cross is heavy.
Carry it with joy.
Imagine, that it is light
And you want to carry it
Day and night.

Conscience is God's call.
Who hear it?
No one, but saint cripple passer-by,
Who today lives, to-morrow dies.

All should be holy
Actions and thoughts.
What you do in this world
Should be sacred as well.

Drive the night away
Welcome a day of light.
This day will help you
To overcome difficulties of life.

What traces will you leave on Earth.
Who will follow them?
Who will give your deeds
A new birth?

You are blessed by God,
If your heart is kind.
If you are mean,
No mercy will be seen.

One man presents miracles.
The other even in his sleep
Betrays his friends
Doesn't his promise keep.

A man's destiny is to be a man.
If you have not understood it yet
Then the years, you have lived,
You must forget.

Wait, wait until an angel blows a tube.
Don't miss this moment.
This moment is very important.

Don't look for any other road but the road to God.
There's only one road
Even if you are told, that there are a lot.

A truth is not easy to get.
It makes you feel depressed and sad
A man can't understand the universe
He can't get the knack of it.
Better to submit
And live on.

Pour me some poison.
There's no relief after it
So mortal is your treat.

Erect a monument to your mum.
She gave you birth.
When you do , it makes you calm.

A kind man has a kind heart.
An evil man has a cruel one.
A kind man from his start
Pleases many people together and apart.

Do good things while you are alive.
One day you will pass away
Without saying good bye.
A soul is afraid to go to the hell.
Only in paradise
It will be feeling well.

Don't create an idol to yourself.
Idols are not good for this world.
Your life is your only fate.
Hurry! Or it will be too late.

Your soul is testing your body.
This trial is very long.
Your body is not ready yet
To serve God.
It can't about pleasures forget.

Faith is stronger than reason.
This is how life is arranged this season.
Don't try to change its course.
Believe in God and acquire brains, of course.

Faith won't fade away.
The sense of life I find in it.
Your soul will be filled by love
To our God, who is above.

What was good in a man
Passed away.
Was it real or was it not?
Why has it become another sort?

God presents life to all.
Do good things at His call.
Don't allow disbelief enter your threshold.
Let your soul be as bright as gold

A holy spirit should live in every soul.
Serve to God.
Do as you are told.

Reconcile yourself with your fate.
Listen to your inner voce.
Open your soul to God.
Don't be hauty,
Don't make much noise.

Leave you passion alone.
It is not true love.
Give your heart to God.
It is the only way, is it not?

Joy is descending from the sky.
This present is not for all.
If devil graws you inside
You will get no help
Even from the bell's toll.

All is in good time.
It is common knowledge.
But your life is unique
It is gift from God.
Only in Him
You happiness seek.

Forgive him, forgive her.
Make it your life style.
God will excuse you
He will never tell
You good bye.

You lead fast life.
You don't take your time.
Heartless, sick tribe.
All bridges were burnt
Nothing will help you
Even a bribe.

Secret of love is
Eternal topic.
Even Stendal
Couldn't cope with it.

No love- no hatred.
Who could live
Without love?
There's no answer.
Even above.

Everyone speaks about love.
But who knows what ii is like.
Love is a secret for all.
It is an eternal call.

A soul - eyes of Love.
But with your eyes
You can't see a soul.
A soul sings about love.
Let love be eternal
Here happiness lies.

Who can escape from love?
No one I know.
Captivity of love is getting stronger
Wherever you go.

Don't allow to be cheated.
Deceit is like a fog.
Never listen to falsehood
Otherwise life won't be good.

Stop repeating useless thing.
The world of them cries.
God won't listen to
Shameful lies.

If you have conscience, pray
Conscience is the voice of God.
He will send you holy message
Every hour and every day.

It is painful to look at you
You are made of lie.
Soon you will choke in it.
Please, don't deny.

Don't choose a path of war.
War gives birth to blood.
The bells are ringing in alarm
To defend sacred land we have come.

Everyone will get what he deserves.
If his heart is good and kind.
God will bless him, to my mind.
If not, he will cry a lot.

Don't fly high in the sky.
Follow your own fate.
You belong to the Earth
It is a place of your birth.

Let spiritual sun
Enlighten your soul.
This is the way for your soul
Not to be sold.

Love is wise
And it is not a surprise.
Wherever you go
All people will tell you so.

Don't try to make another man a slave.
Give him freedom, send him away.
It will cost you nothing,
But it will make him brave.

The soul should be clean.
Do you know what I mean?
When God lives in your soul
It will bring happiness to us all.

When you see a poor man
Pity him.
If you cry
Your tears will fall down.
Tears never lie.

Feel sorry for the poor.
They wanted happiness too
But their life is obscure.

Don't believe to a flatterer.
He is a cunning person.
Drive him away.
Don't listen to what he will say.

Don't search gold,
Don 't ruin your life.
You will bury your dreams in gold sand.
No one will give you a helping hand.

Do you know yourself?
No, I don't think so.
Who can give an answer?
There's no one who seems to know.

People are not born wise.
In the course of their life they master their mind.
Nobody knows where lies
A border between being simply clever
And being wise.

Have you found your star?
Is it very far?
May be near oê far it lies.
Only God knows where it shines.

Very often we are trapped.
Traps are skillfully placed.
Perhaps we are silly
And because of that
Caution must not we forget.

You are not kind.
You dig a pit for your friend.
God won't be pleased.
One day you will be also seized.


The star in October

My star shines in the sky
It is severe and cold
The same about my soul it is gloomy as I have told.
The star is single and lonely
Nothing is given to it unfortunately.
This is the way the wind blows
Nothing could be changed
Even if you do your utmost.
On that October gloomy day
A little boy was born.
He differs from the child of Martyrs
His life is hard and thorn


Saved world

My friends lie in their mortal sleep near Berlin and Potsdam.
They had to die in fierce struggle and fight
To make a foreign land bloom bright.
And is the world aware of their great feat
Of the youths who made their lives incomplete?
The saved us from sword and fire/
Do their daughters and sons
Remember attack to Berlin
When native Slavonic blood
Was running along the pavement as flood.
This unforgettable view
When all my friends died
Survived only a few.


Whit Sunday

Whit Sunday. Blue of sky.
Chimes of bells are nearing by.
Emergence of life and death
Submitted moan
All day long

People of GOD Worship
Who gave bread and water,
Faith and light.
Love Him as you love yourself
And he will bless you and give you much wealth

Shots kill dawn
Cruelty doesn't misshot
Abuses prolong.
Someone's life left this world
He has no time to pass his will.
People of the planet stand still.

Those who died will never survive
Damn their stupid death
Damn flattering the king
Who sent them to the war
To take the last breath.

All of us are equal in the face of God
A poet is glorifying
Them whether he likes it or not
My people are moaning, they are sad.
No one could shut their mouth
Nor by sweet or lead.

So many years of slavery and fears,
Grief, sufferings and tears
With false lie or equal rights,
With unrealizable dreams,
Lasted days and nights.

Wake up, you are a giant
Or you have no might
You were ruined by Georgian- Stalin
He plunged you in bloody night.

I believe in your revival
In your past glory and strength.
Great people it is your new birth.
I wish you fame and wealth

Senate square

Town of Peter
Tsar's horse
Rows of soldiers.

Can you imagine
December 1825 / It is very far.
A candlestick is trembling in hands.
A bad weather for coup d'etat.
Great sons of fatherland,
Knights are handsome and smart.
Imagination wakes up prophetic dreams
From the banks of the Seine
To my heart.

The best sons of Russian fields
They entered the Senate square
They faced case-shot
And were glorified in history a lot

They didn't follow anyone's steps
They were Russians from top to their feet.
They spilled their blood
Because they loved their people deep at heart.
Where are you Ryleevs, Pestels, Bestyzhevs-Rumins
Town of Peter and Senate
Maybe in 2025 year
We shall stand on guard.
To love it means to live
To love it means to die and to revive.
To love it means to give to the other everything you've got:
Your heart, your soul, your body and your thought.

Love wounds and heals
It's God's gift.
Lovers present it to each other
Their joy is one for the other.
Love blooms on a frosty day.
It parts and binds
And floods of tears run away.

To love it means to hope, believe and wait,
Guess the evil and kill it, don't be late,
Destroy its malicious face
And love with grace.

To Varna the sea is rolling its wave.
My love is there , but not in jail.
Her brothers invited her to stay
I won't come there I failed.

In my native land
I sing about love.
I cry, but my tears are tied
To the moor in Varna,
Where my young years flied

The life without you resemble hell.
I will never find the one like you my belle.
I'll be looking for you in a distant land
And one day I'll be lucky to take you by hand.

To Varna the sea is rolling its wave.
Storm is loosing its breath from happiness and paradise.
You, Greek and Bulgarian can't you understand
She doesn't want beauty of any foreign land
It doesn't matter of what size.

My song in Varna gave her bread and ground,
The friends for day and night,
And ark for going around

To Varna the sea is rolling its sorrow,
While sea-gulls are weeping , they are calling tomorrow.
Why did you run so far
You can't see your honey he is not on your way.
To Varna the sea is rolling its wave.

We are children of terrible fate.
We saw the bottom of the cup of sorrow.
We shall never forget it, it's too late.
Our memory cries when reminiscences follow.

Our happiness was tangled with blood.
Who will get its sense? Oh! God.
Our "fathers" had eyebrows of devil.
Their way is covered by corpses and evil.

Our people are miserable and nothing they claim.
They can hardly make ends meet.
Their bodies are burning with myriad flames.
The mouth is open and on it terrible cries
You can read.

Your eyes are loving and dear.
I may be far away or near
My love doesn't lie
It's like earth and blue sky.

Your look is severe and stern
No tender, no bliss in it I learn.
It was not the man of earth,
It was God, who gave you birth

You knew all tortures of hell,
But you managed to stay an innocent girl.
You shine as bright as the sun.
Live long and have much fun.

Try to be honest and kind.
Let your soul never be blind.
I will love you to the end of time,
Until the death bell gives its last chime.

Doesn't melt, doesn't disappear in the skies the morning of my youth
Over the sleeping woods it flies
Its light memory is smooth.

The day is misty.
Streams are thin and blind.
All evils retreat to the shadow,
Their memories don't load my mind

Your dream is delicate and troubled
It brings you back to your youth.
You see your sweet love is as white as marble
Over Universe one hears a cry, there was no use in my life.
My star doesn't shine any more.
My love has gone.
What was it all for ?
Year after year
Twenty years have passed.
You may forget it or secretly cry at last

But our happiness nobody can kill
So we live. Don't rot make fire
Never cry for the days of the past love desire.
In Varna the Black sea beach once again
Is asking to swim on the waves of memory, which you try to reach.

You believed me and waited so much time.
But the end of time appeared too long.
For twenty years you endure and never punish me for this crime.
You are the only one, who stand me
being so wrong.

Twenty years at night and dawn.
The sun is shining at day time, it is so strong.
Twenty days like one day have passed.
But we are together at last.

A wave is tenderly whispering to the air,
I'll be loving you till the end of light.
Day and night I am on guide
And pester your hair.

You are a magician, whom I love and want to obey.
Your name sounds like a string
So severe but you look like a king.

I am patience and joy
In your powerful embrace my boy.
We have divided our happiness into two parts.
I'll be loving you till the next life starts.

One hundred years ago
Oginsky came to this world, can it be so?
Russia, Poland and Ukraine sing the song to
Polonaise and its fame.

I want to get
How it become immortal.
Why all the world is admired by it.
Why does it live on?
While the life of a man is not so long.

We alive can't understand,
What made him write such a great thing.

Polonaise tolls as an alarm-bell,
Who is responsible that all has gone to the hell
People ! Stand still. What happened to you?
Of exhibits of culture there have been left only few.

She has been looking forward for happiness,
But in vain.
Her star is the star of rain.

Her tortures were so great,
Her cross so heavy,
That it was impossible to carry/

At fifteen a daughter of an "enemy of folk"
Her father was tortured at Beriya's lock.
All grieves of mankind gathered together.
A black raven is crying.
No sunny weather.

A fire of aspens and rowans is burning,
But it gives no heat.
Your body is trembling from cold
You can hear how the sounds of your heart beat.

Birches burn trembling in the wind.
A poplar also burns down
As if their life is touching the last string.
In a moment you could hardly look at them,
Their bodies and souls are bare item

Time will pass and once again
Fire will flare up and swallow
Everything on its way.
And in it there is some reason
Lovely autumn, golden season.

I am with you once more
In early and late fall.
I will sing ode to you. What for.
To love and glorify your soul.

Autumn leaves spin round.
They fall motionless on the ground.
My soul suffers and is very sad
As if it carries my best friends
To a death bed.

They will lie in the grave one by one.
It is their destiny, nothing could be done.
If there won't be enough space
Don't feel hurt it is your place.

So we are the leaves of nature.
We don't know our fate.
One day we'll understand it,
But it will be too late.

At last I began to feel like a grain of sand
Among good men, birches and steel.

It happened in my late forties
When the soul has sung its last song.
God gave me some time
And I asked him not to live me along.

White ground of my memory
Is covered by snowflakes.
Golden hair of short less childhood
Is brandishing the stakes.

July's heat won't cope with my dream.
This is the only joy I esteem.

In those days we dreamed of horses and fame.
We wanted to fly to a cloudless land,
But it was a game.
The life passed and reached its end.

The purple sun is bathing in the sea.
Giving warmth to marine coolness.
Waves are dancing in a blue space.
The storm is cheerfully waving with an oar to their face.

A man will never realize this universe.
Not to the very end.
Why the sun is lying in the deep leaving the land
And in the morning starts to shine brightly and fierce.

And this occurs from the beginning of the age.
The sun brings happiness and joy to people, who are sage.
It lures sailors by its charm
And helps me to stay calm.

The wind is walking in the fields
It is doing a lot of silly things.
He threw a tsar's stick for a day and a week.
How could it cope with its might
Patience is his dream at day and night.

When it is angry and unkind
It is doing a lot of wonders to miracle our mind.
No one can get where from comes its spite
That hates people and skies and light.

It may be tender and tame
It doesn't matter where from it came
You can tender and pet the wind
You can cover it with woolen shawl.
It will be thankful, it is not cruel at all.

This giant is powerful and grey.
It is sullen and cross and tender.
He comes from the fairy-tales

Ocean is my love and sorrow.
It is my only target and dream
It is difficult to part with you and it is difficult to follow.
You are the only place of my greatest esteem.

Rolls of breakers attract and lure
The dreams have no end.
Marine soul is hurt and bent.
Ocean! You are my love and my cure.

Sailors have fallen in love with you.
Their love is true.
Their feelings are not hurt
Only death and blood can make us part.

Nobody on the planet knows when
My star appeared in this land.
Its light is near and far away
No distance can measure its way.

You are not lying behind
It's such a sorrow to my mind.
But it happened to be only in a dream.
In reality we are together as a lolly-pop and ice-cream.

You are lying near and your breath is light.
I am filled by passion and hope.
On our happiness no one can put on a rope.
All troubles have gone to our delight.

The flowers' dream is heavy and light.
You hear their hearts beating at night.
Their fate is happy and unique.
There's nowhere such a land , where they grow so meak.

Their tenderness is touching and gentle
It can be compared with nothing.
It is impossible to live and not hear their laughing.

The land is generous and kind.
It gives its presents, its love is blind.
Those who live here are lucky to my mind.

People love their native land.
They will never betray it or disobey.
The life is one moment, do you understand?
Thousand of flowers to our Motherland's feet lay.

My cheated Motherland
Who cheated you suddenly?
It happened on April dawn
And all joy and happiness have gone.

Your words are so powerful and dense.
Protected us from many woes.
With death can be compared their dance.
Now we know for whom the bell tolls.

Azure became a dying poison
The Prypyat gives no heat and joy
It's of no use, listen, boy.

What happened to us all?
It might be heavens that answer thunderstorm's call
Nothing of the kind.
My native land, which lies behind
You will never recover soon
May be once in a blue moon.
My native village vanishes at all.
It gave us life, brought up, took care of.
Now it is dying and you can hear its fall,

Now I am not baby of your
You have nothing to please me, of course.
Your fields are empty and deserted,
Your greenery is withered but I can't forget it

Who stripped you, who took your blood?
Your tears are falling down in a flood.
You are suffering in vain.
I understand your sorrow and pain.

In the name of life
Numerous graves. You can't count them all.
In Altes camp there exists ñemetry of Russian soldiers "tankists".

A thought like lightning penetrates my mind
How could an alien land take them all? Was it kind?
What was their destiny like?
It was as sharp as a knife.

They died to enlighten our life.
Like candles they burnt,
But their lives have no end

I want to believe ,
That they marched in July
In the parade of Victory 1945.
More than 50 years they stay on guard.
Not to allow anyone steal our heart/

The wind of love

A song of wind, melancholy and sorrow.
What you have lost won't be found tomorrow.
A wind sings its song at moonlit night.
The song is about a lady, who loves me and gives me delight.

A wind of love, my soul's flame,
Carry a sail of love to play this passion game.
A song of love, I hear quiet sorrow.
You are far away , but I 'll you follow.

Let the wind sing this song
To the lady, who has been waiting me so long.

August stars

Summer stars - are stars of love.
Their light is tender and bright.
They help the lovers not to loose their way at night.

There's my reflection in the star of love.
Its light is always above
From the first days of my life
It protects me from hardships on the earth and in the sky.

It's a wonderful view when
Stars are falling at night.
What will happen if my star
Falls, losing its light.

I prey you, August sky
Prolong my happiness don't say good bye.
The joy of soul is ahead
Mishaps don't seem to be heard.

The joy of life

The joy of life is in my heart.
It is a present from the sky.
And you , day dreamer stay apart
Until a bird of happiness will fly.

The celestial happiness is endless.
A hope is seen through storms and rain.
A hope will lead us to luck again.
You are my only happy chance
I am singing to you my romance.

Gone happiness

Autumn faded away, happiness dies.
Water is cold, fir-trees all prayers deny.
The speed of life narrows its stream.
Quietly falls down soul's chains,
Giving me nothing, but pains.

A way to happiness can't be found.
Even a ray of hope lies under ground.
The life is going to its end,
You can't live it again.

Boredom everywhere.
What for were we born to this world?
The circle of life has no end,
We have no time to stand and stare.

A world of love is everywhere.
It's all lure.
With nothing it can be compared.

The soul is crazy.
Spring juices are strong.
No one can resist its charm.
It doesn't matter whether the life was short or long.

We enjoy love only once.
Let life prolong this spring romance.
Never forget this holiday of spring.
Only in this case love will once more begin

Love makes my soul more pure.
It is my spring and my cure.

Fire of love

Fire of my love woken flame.
It burnt us, playing a love game.

It didn't matter that satisfying this thirst
We shall die in the fire
And one of us will be the first.

Once we were happy.
You were so dear to me.
But all was crashed as if the sky fell down into the sea.

Don't forget me.
With years you will grow wise.
Our spring has gone.
We welcome our September
In your memories you will never stay alone.

You are my brightest joy,
You are my pain and sorrow.
You are my sacred tenderness,
I will die for you tomorrow.

You are the only one
With you I meet sunset and dawn.
Only with you I have my fun.
You are my happiness, I am not alone.

You are my passion, my dream,
Tart, sweetness of wine,
Quiet magic beach, my mad esteem.

A new century

A sea of sorrow and grief.
My happiness won't come back again.
It's not easy to understand who is my belief.
We'd better take a one hundred reverse turn.

The life and songs are new.
Strangers live in this land.
But all these problems are few.
We are responsible for happiness of our friends.

The life and songs are new.
We lose something dear.
We live in a sinful land.
Nothing seems to be clear.

Life is painful and odd,
Nerves are bare.
The twenty first century is in its haste.
We are cheated, our life is a waste.

My grandson

My grandson - it's me.
My hope and my joy,
A great gift of God
I want you to be a happy boy.

Live cheerfully, an apple of my eye.
You are loved by your mum and dad.
You are worshiped by your grandma and granddad.
When we see you, we are never sad.

Our dear Sashenka!
Your animal-friends live in the woods.
Small fish hide in waters as deep as the could.

A nightingale is singing its tune.
Listen to the angel's voice from the Moon.
All the world gives you a tender embrace.
A fresh wind of adventures blows into your face.

Unearthly love

Great love comes to me , it is light.
You are wanted and loved, I don't lie.
Great love touches my feelings at night.
It comes to me through the Earth and the sky.

Through eternity and life my love has come to live.
To trust, to suffer and to love.
I don't want to lose you, do believe.

I am ready to sacrifice my heart.
Let my love always be kind.
Let it be tender and deep.
I want it to wake up my mind.
I will it forever keep.

The memory of youth

The Sayanes are in my heart again,
Giving emerald flame.
Wake up greenery of youth.
Your silver profile
Has always been your fame.

I couldn't forget
The distant mountains, they lie in front of my eyes.
The Sayanes are a magic land,
They are an earthy paradise.
For ever and ever you are my greatest surprise.

I am missing you for thirty years.
Now I want to confess.
Stars are singing a song of love,
They are smiling to you above.

Troika of life

Autumn, cold and alarm.
There's pain in heart , be calm.
A bird isn't singing its song.
One can hear my soul's
Life goes faster, it won't stop.
It's impossible to keep its wild gallop.
Love and feasts have gone.
My dreams of youth don't leave me alone.

The nearer autumn comes,
The shorter my day becomes.
A few faces can be seen.
My fair horses are stumbling in.

Native grasses

You are eternal native grasses.
You give happiness to us.
The endless greenery of Motherland passes by
It happen to be as beautiful as the sky.

I greet you on a rainy day.
It's a good thing for you when the rain falls.
I bow to you when the sun fiercely tolls.

Grasses of Motherland, my native ones.
My heart is singing having much fun.
You are blessed by God.
I wish you to grow and be juicy a lot.

You present me sweet dreams.
You heal all pains.
In my heart your smell rings
You have no end.
You are always in my heart
I understand
How beautiful you are and how smart.

I will still be here

If I am not here
I still stay.
It doesn't matter in what way.
My friends may my life prolong.
And one day I'll sing my song.

I was burnt on the wind.
You are my love and my kin.
I pray for you to be safe.
Our friendship is strong
I believe that my friends will make my life long.

I will return through ages and seas
And it is not my caprice.
My memory doesn't allow to forget
How our destiny was sad.

The birth of snow

Wonders presented us Christmas
Singing its songs for us.
Snow in December is all around
Snow is falling on the ground.

Troika is rushing ahead
No bells of the spring is heard.
In December there's no rain.
Snow is falling again and again.

God is a master of our fate
He calls us to be happy, not to be late.

The soul needs God.
The heart longs Him.
Eyes pet the sky.
The soul pets its holy dream.

Angel kisses the sky's forehead.
Everywhere sacred presents and paradise.
There's no place for sadness and disguise.
The heart and thoughts are exhausted.
The rest is a necessary thing, but I have lost it.

It's a long way to go
The whole life won't be enough.
Our pace is too slow
The soul wants to laugh.

To understand God's knowledge
You have to work better than in a college/

I have been destined to love

I have been destined to love
Forever and ever
Happiness of love glistened above
A wonderful gift of my fathers
Will stay with me forever.

I adore blue depth of your eyes.
Oat, soft hair.
You voice is feeling my soul.
It spreads holy care.

Who created you and when?
I am asking this question again and again.
You are sky's and sea's present
Youê magic spill hasn't lessened.

Your glance is nice and mild/
You are God's gift, child.
I have been destined to love.
We were blessed above.

In the captivity of love

I am captured by love.
I am love's prisoner.
I am wounded by love,
I will never leave my prison.
I have no reason.

I have been captured for years.
My love is not getting less.
The river of happiness run,
Bringing me love and much fun.

At the dawn of my youth
I had a wish.
It was a wish of love.
My life showed me its truth.

A wish to love is great desire.
It smells like spices,
Gives birth to fire.

This tender feeling doesn't grow old.
It becomes warmer with years.
It can be never sold.

I wish love will never part.
I'd like it will turn over
From its start.

We live only once

You are my happiness
You are my joy.
You are my pain and sorrow
You are my tenderness, weakness, my toy.

I will tell you about it in
Detail tomorrow.
We live only once.
I want to be with you to sing my romance.

No direction is far
When you are with me, my star.

You are the one I want and love.
I send my prayers to God above.
I will try to catch my fate.
I do believe, it won't be late.

Wounded love

Cross destiny gave a blow to love.
The souls of bells cry above.
Time passed when our love was alive for us.

There's a wound in my heart.
It's very painful to part.
Love wants to live on.
Tears express my sorrow
There's a hope I want to follow.

A brook of love will become a flood.
It will give warmth to our heart.
A sea of my love

The sea fell in love. It wasn't late.
Waves were petting tender.
A storm sang about love.
A storm petrel cried: "wait, wait".

Love was presented by the sea.
The call of tide was heard.
The sun was touching your face and your knee.
Seagulls were crying cheerfully as if they were fed.

The sea in Palanga
A town of my love
The sea is dancing tango
A storm is not less than five.
A passion is stabling its knife .

The sea in Palanga is dancing its loving tango.

All these troubles and alarms can't be returned My love has gone, this is
its end.
An autumn leaf is getting yellow
The road is shorter.
I parted with my fellow.

It won't be repeated my May.
All that happened, I'll forget.
My heart is cold, but I don't regret.
No memories give me pain.
But I remember you again and again.

I wasn't the target of your life.
But I am not a kid.
You didn't love me so passionately as I did.
All I was told appeared too be a lie.

Happiness dies, autumn arrives.
I can find no way
To bring my happy day.
The dawn of life is losing its drive.

A happy moment glistened in the sky
An angel descended from the outside.
The end of life and boredom around.
The circle of life gives its final sound.

Bare footed childhood

Barefooted childhood
It was long ago.
Barefooted childhood,
I love you so.

We are walking hand by hand
I and my barefooted childhood
What happened then
Happened for good.

Liberty ballad

We are slaves of a great state.
We are cutting
For General secretary.
We are slaves by birth
It is our fate.

We are not for this world.
Our souls are dead.
We are beasts, we can't be hurt.

We are exhausted
Tower shots are killing us
A chance? They won't lose it.
They want blood
It makes them mad.
One day our life will become not so sad.

Ode to you

You my fate
You are a song of my life.
You are the only one
Eternally you'll be mine.

You won't hide
You invite me to the height.
Sorrow leaves me at last
Your warmth keeps me so fast.

Through centuries I'll keep my love grace.
Through years to my dream will be left some space.
For years and years
I won't love you less.

You are the best

You are divine
You are my miracle
You are my happiness
You are a glass of wine.

You are meek
You are lovely, not weak.
My light, my star at night.

No one like you I can find
There's nobody so sweet and so kind.

My love is a fatal lady.
She is my magnificent song.
My love to you will go on.

A star of lobe

A star is the light.
It gives joy to you day and night.
A blue star is twinkling for years and years
It will be shining for centuries, not less.

It is a star of our love
It was born high above.
I want our happiness to share
Only with you, whom I can't but stare.

A song of my heart

A distant land is ringing its blue bells
Sadness leaves my soul.
I am so happy I can't tell

My heart is singing its lovely hymn.
The world of happiness is such a good thing.
I want to be happy for eternal years.
A heart is warmed by love it does possess.

A string of life rings.
My soul its song sings.
You are my only hope
Out flight will never stop.

Mother's heart

The universe used to cry:
"He is no more, he died!".
Mother knew that her son was killed.
Her tears were dropping like a dew.

Victory of 1945.
Drunken joy of the state.
Prague and Vienna had been waiting for it to come,
But it came so late.

Mother's heart is broken.
Her son is dead.
Near Berlin he died.
His fate was so sad/

Fifty years have passed.
She lives alone.
Years of dismay.
She sees her little grandson
In her dreams on the 9-th of May.

Gratitude to a lady

I worship ladies, who loved me.
They refused proposals of the other men.
How could it be?

I send her prayers
I ask her mercy.
She is the one , who me cares.
Such happiness no one could forsee.

I don't know ladies,
Who secretly loved me.
Their feelings were flying higher.
They were as hot as fire.

Please, forgive me
For unshared love.
You are still wanted.
A song of love
You sing of my behalf.

I worship ladies, who loved me.
They refused proposals of the other men.
How could it be?


With years you feel
And it is acute
That you become wiser
And it is so cute.

Immortal are water and fire.
They are for all times.
And it is up to God's desire.
From Him this gift comes.

Each moment I devote to eternity
I send my prayers to the blue sky,
But my happiness is so high.

I want to be immortal
I want to give my life to folk.
Do it, magic fire.
And it's not simply for a talk.

A star of love

You are my happiness
You are my joy
You are tender and meek
I behave with you like a boy.

You are the only one
To whom I devoted my life.
You are my moon and my sun
Without you I would die.

Your lovely image is wanted.
Forever it stays with me.
Every moment with you is happy.
I send prayers to God for thee.

Be my star, sparkle at night.
Spread in my life brightness of your light.

Don't forget me

Don't forget me
In a stormy sea of fire
Stay with me forever

You saved me and our love
You are my hope
Without you I starve.

Love lives in my heart
I was born again
Love sings its spring song
To you and me all along.

Through winters and snow
Through tender spring
I hear our love's ring.


You are above the sky.
I can't live without your grasp.
Your lovely voice and oat hair
Make my life last.

Your repeated "No"
Does make me happy so
For eight years I fly.
But I don't know
Where and why.

I can't live without you
I ask heavens to give me happy days only a few.
Across the sea I come
And bring you home my madame.

Moon nights

Moon nights
Blue eyes
Blue moon
I want to see you soon.

On your shoulder my arm lies.
A river sings its song
A tide of heart makes noise for you alone.

In an endless world
You are the one I stare.
You are my fairy tale
You are the dream I care.

Moon night does embrace
I want to see your face.
Troubles pass away
Love gives rise to passion
And I want to say:
"Give light brighter than the sun
Long live, love.
Give me joy and fun.

To my friends' memory

We lose many friends in this life.
Their death for me is like a knife.
Pain and sorrow stay in my heart
It can't be cured
It is difficult to part

Friends of my youth
Are always with me
The memory of our brotherhood
Is the highest fee..

He is awarded with important prize-
For the victory over fascist Germany
He is Russian, he is a hero of enormous size
The victory has become his mania.

Near his legs lied 'Viking' and 'Dead head'
Through trophy teeth he spitted at the dead.
Reichstag is nothing but a trifle for him
Who defeated his monsters, who had stolen his dream.

How he suffered to revive
He remembered how he hugged an American
and told him 'Hi'.
He understood only then how tiring was his road
And a warm May covered his coat.

His sleep was alarming and not deep,
His Motherland had been expecting him for years.
The greatest winner he wasn't going to interfere
with other cripple,
He came back home and cried: Yes!'
He was not neglected by a department,
that gave medals, but it was late.
He was in the list to be awarded, it was almost
But this prize found him out of date,
When he was in his grave already.
You grew old dear mummy,
Yet alone still…
You have waited and you are tired
Near a windowsill.

You expecting to meet your son
In fraternal hut,
But a lane is deserted
No answers start.
Wait me, wait me, dear mummy
Wait without fail.
I will come to you my honey
I will not delay.
And in greenery of your forest
Echoes cuckoo-bird;
'All is coming, all is coming'.
But the life is sad.
It doesn't suit me to blame anything
The point is that Ariadna somewhere
Lost her string.

You grew old dear mummy
Yet alone still
You have waited and you are tired
Near a windowsill

I will come to Wooded District
As quickly as I could
I'll get warmth after my visit
As in childhood.



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