Gold medal - for outstanding services in the sphere of education (an award by the International Personnel Academy);

Gold Yesenin's medal - for outstanding achievements in literature and poetry;

Socrates medal - for outstanding services in the field of world community intellectual development (an award by the European center for science and Oxford University (Great Britain));

A medal by the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus - for outstanding contribution to development of the Olympic movement and physical training in the republic;

A cross for merits - for outstanding contribution to developing liberal arts (an honorary decoration of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences);

A diploma of the International Olympic Committee - for support of sportsmen and promotion of wrestling;


Honorary decorations:

St. George's;

St. Andrew's the First-called;

Star of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences ;

a decoration by the Ministry for Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus;

A.S. Griboyedov's Literary Prize - awarded by the Russian Presidential Fund for outstanding achievements in the field of literature and poetry;

a laureate of the prize 'Best Pens of Russia';

a 'Letter of gratitude' from the Patriarch of All Russia Kiryll;

'European quality in education' - an international award for high-quality educational services according to European standards awarded by Oxford summit (Great Britain);

'Gratitude' - an official decoration of presidents of the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Poland, Slovakia (twice), and Kazakhstan;

the order of Saints Kiryll and Mephody - for contribution to promotion of science, education, and culture of Slavonic peoples (an award by the International Academy of Slavonic written language named after Saints Kiryll and Mephody);

the Order of M.V. Lomonosov;

the Order of Motherland


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